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Social Media Copy

I have this theory that Geminis make the best social media professionals. As a Gemini myself I can confirm that one of our most notable traits is our ability to adapt in social situations.

Adaptability is key to being successful at working with social media. As you can see below I have worked with a wide variety of companies.

The most important part?

Respecting the companies brand, whether it be serious, playful, or quirky, and making it your own.

Serious: Water for Colorado

While working in social advocacy I grew a lot as a copywriter. It was my first time working with serious topics that could provoke anxiety or even trigger some viewers.  

While at BerlinRosen I took lead on developing weekly social media copy. The client specified that their social media was made to simply inform. Due to this the social copy I wrote was always clean and to the point - no frills on water conservation here.

Playful: San Lorenzo Bikinis

Few things bring up warmer memories than a day at the beach with my girls - and it is that notion that San Lorenzo reaches for in their social copy. I mean, come on! They're bikinis - they are bright and fun and their social copy should reflect the playful spirit a new cute bikini brings a consumer. 

While helping to develop social copy for San Lorenzo, I identified their brand voice as being a "Hey babe!" girl. She's fun, she's easy-going, and she is definitely the friend that sends the "Hey babe! Let's have a Margarita Monday!!" text.

Quirky: Smart & Final

Working with marketing and social media for a grocery store is a funny thing. How does one even begin to create social content for bags of frozen french fries?

Dad jokes of course! Happy FRY-day!

Smart & Final is a grocery store known for being economical and when a brand is economical it also should aim to be relatable, and that is exactly what the voice behind Smart & Final's social media copy aims to do. Bad puns and all the Smart & Final voice sounds familiar to the quirky uncles of many Americans.

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